INTRODUCINGTropizen Superfruit Gummies

New look, new recipes, new flavors.


Among Tropizen’s cannabis product selection, we take pride in growing only the highest quality cannabis that meets and exceeds the requirements of the most stringent regulatory environments in the world, and the most discerning patient. From cultivation to harvest, cure to trim, we follow best practices, using only the highest quality techniques in our cultivation processes.

EDIBLESSuperfruit Gummies

Our gummies are special. Made with real fruit purchased from local farms, and then infused with full spectrum cannabis oil; you can feel and taste the love. Look out for our special edition varieties like guanabana, quenepa and dragon fruit.


We use clean food-grade C02 extraction to create our distillate, combined with fresh, natural terpenes from plants we grow in-house.


Pilones are Puerto Rico’s traditional lollipop, made in the shape of a pilon, a wooden mortar and pestle. Our pilones are flavored with natural tropical fruits and accurately dosed with full spectrum cannabis oil.

EDIBLESPower Bites

Chai seed, flax seed, dates, almonds and our protein blend make Power Bites as healthy as they are delicious. Topped with white or milk chocolate. Look for vegan options coming soon.


Among Tropizen’s cannabis product selection is Puerto Rico’s traditional, Avocado & new Diablo hot sauces – Pique – full of complex flavors and heat from a blend of island-grown peppers and spices. Infused with full spectrum cannabis oil. Pique is also the first Puerto Rican cannabis product to be sold in the United States.

TINCTURESMamasi Tinctures

Ancient remedies. Modern technology. Mamasi botanical tinctures are formulated to provide relief with a powerful combination of herbals and cannabinoids.

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