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We are a vertically integrated medical cannabis brand based in Puerto Rico.

Our Mission

Tropizen is fueled by the simple belief that fresh ingredients create better products, benefiting patients and the greater community. We are on a mission to build a Caribbean cannabis brand with products that combine a clean, uplifting experience with delicious flavors.

How it all began

Initially incorporated in 2016, Tropizen was one of the first group of companies granted a medical cannabis license in Puerto Rico.

One of the many fledgling cannabis manufacturers impacted by hurricane Maria, the company overcame setbacks, releasing its first flower harvest to dispensaries in August 2018. Manufactured products were first introduced December 2018. One of the island’s lowest-cost producers, Tropizen sells medicinal cannabis products to more than 90% of Puerto Rico’s growing number of dispensaries.

Tropizen is on a mission to enrich lives by creating thoughtful, accurately-dosed products utilizing local, fresh ingredients that are indicative of this beautiful Caribbean island. As a leading cannabis producer, we believe in our corporate social responsibility and how our operations impact the natural and social environment on a local and international level.

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