Tropizen is a medical cannabis brand based in Canovanas, Puerto Rico. We take pride in creating innovative, hand-crafted products using fresh local ingredients.


Tropizen was founded in 2016 to create Puerto Rico’s finest manufactured products and cannabis flower. We focus on thoughtfully crafted gummies, energy bars, chocolates, sauces and concentrates.  Our products are known for providing a consistent, high quality effect for patients, as well as delicious flavors and taste. You can find them for sale in more than 90% of the island’s dispensaries.

Why do patients love our products?

We grow the cannabis used in our edibles and concentrates, ensuring they have the highest quality from the start. The cannabis oil is extracted using clean, food-grade CO2. Then we use full spectrum cannabis extract in our edibles providing a more balanced experience and the added health benefits of the whole plant. We combine that extract with fresh fruits and vegetables in our edibles and sauces giving them a flavor kick that brings smiles to everyone faces.

A little about dosing:

The cannabis industry allows for some “wiggle-room” when it comes to accurate dosing, resulting in products 15% over or under dosed. We are committed to creating a product with uber-accurate dosing so you can rely on a consistent experience. From beginning to end, we don’t compromise on products or patients.

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Power Bites are perfect… Thank you TropiZen for such amazing and delicious products! 🏆🎖️🏆🎖️🏆🎖️ 💰 #TakeMyMoney


The Pique sauce is an authentic tasting Puerto Rican hot sauce and a great way to start your day with a nutritious breakfast by sprinkling it on eggs


Tropizen has the best trimmed flower in Puerto Rico. The products are fantastic.


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