PressTropizen announces the availability of its new cannabis concentrates at Puerto Rico dispensaries

August 18, 2019

Canóvanas, Puerto Rico – Tropizen, a licensed cultivator and manufacturer of medical cannabis products based in Puerto Rico, announced the immediate availability of its new all-natural distilled cannabis oil cartridges for sale to certified patients at dispensaries throughout the island.

“We are very excited to offer a superior alternative for patients that prefer vaporizing as a cannabis delivery method or simply wish to add some variety and convenience to their treatment options,” stated company co-founder Marni Meistrell. “Vaporized cannabis offers patients faster delivery and ease of dosing than edibles, and is an increasingly preferred way for patients to consume cannabis.”

The new concentrates are the result of an extensive research and development process involving various distillation methods, filter refinements, terpene evaluation and cartridge technologies testing. Furthermore, the flavor profiles were thoroughly tested and refined to create the desired end result, in a manner consistent with Tropizen’s high quality standards.

Tropizen concentrate is made using clean food-grade, CO2-extracted cannabis oil which is distilled for purity at the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Freshly extracted terpenes are added at the end of the process in order to preserve the whole plant cannabinoids, explained Meistrell.

Available in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, the new concentrates are initially available in three distinctive flavor profiles: Sour Tangie, sweet citrus sativa; Cheesequake, a fruity, cheesy indica; and Island Time, an indica blended for optimum relaxation. The company plans to release additional flavors which include Alchemy, a balanced hybrid with flavors of grapes and honey, and Agent Orange, an energizing sativa.

Tropizen concentrates do not contain Vitamin E Acetate or MCT, substances that are suspected of playing a role in a string of recently reported cases of lung illness in the United States.

Tropizen cartridges contain a ceramic coil which provides a longer lifespan and better flavor than lower quality cartridges. “Our ceramic coil technology delivers the purest vapor flavor with maximum terpene profiles and no burnt taste”, explained Meistrell. Moreover, the cartridge mouthpiece is also made of

ceramic, not plastic. Tropizen ceramic cartridges are designed to be the most dependable, high quality cartridges on the market.

Vaporizing cannabis has become a strong industry trend as an ever-increasing number of patients adopt it as a preferred delivery method for THC and CBD. “We have recognized this consumer behavior trend and proceeded to develop and sell concentrate cartridges in accordance to our unique value proposition and high quality standards, giving patients access to a wide range of options,” said Meistrell.

The cartridges can be used under medical supervision to assist in the treatment of a number of health conditions, as approved by the Puerto Rico Department of Health regulations, such as depression, stress, pain and fatigue. All concentrates are sold in child safe packagin

About Tropizen

About Tropizen

Tropizen is one of Puerto Rico’s leading cannabis cultivation and manufacturing companies, providing all-natural, highly effective infused edibles, topicals, concentrates and flower to dispensaries island wide. Strict quality control and lab testing ensures patients are consuming pure and safe products with accurate and consistent dosing. Its full spectrum cannabis-infused gummies, pilones, hot sauce and protein bites are known for their delicious flavor and balanced effects. Tropizen is committed to producing an extensive array of products using locally sourced ingredients to serve the needs of patients while supporting local communities.

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