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June 6, 201969

To celebrate summer, Tropizen is releasing three new flavors of our popular cannabis edibles. Look out for them in dispensaries soon or ask your favorite dispensary to stock them!

Tropizen's Cannabis Infused Watermelon Mojito Pilones Tropical Lollipop

Watermelon Mojito Pilones

20mg THC

Starting in May, we are introducing special edition watermelon mojito Pilones. Puerto Rico’s version of a lollipop, pilones are sweet and delicious. We make them extra special with real fruit flavors, natural rum extract and fresh mint. Each of our pilones contain 20mg of full spectrum cannabis oil produced from a blend of hybrid strains we grow ourselves.

tamarind gummies

Tamarind/Indica Real Fruit Gummies

25mg THC

Our delicious Real Fruit Gummies have a new tangy flavor! We use fresh tamarind pulp to create this sweet/sour treat along with indica full spectrum cannabis oil for it’s relaxing effects.

Did you know tamarind, or tamarindo, is a tropical fruit used in cuisines around the world? You will find this fruit used to make juice, curries and even A-I Steak sauce. This sweet and sour fruit is naturally high in tartaric acid, Vitamin B12 and calcium.

Set for release in June, look out for this delicious new medical cannabis gummie in dispensaries.

Guanabana CBD Gummies

Guanabana/CBD Real Fruit Gummies

25mg THC

We went a little overboard creating this special edition flavor. Guanabana, or Soursop fruit comes into season once a year and had a flavor that is a cross between kiwi, pineapple and banana.  We processed fresh, local fruits and created this very special gummy with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. That’s 25mg of THC and 25mg of CBD per pack (4 gummies). The cannabis oil was produced from a blend of indica strains we grow ourselves.

The combination of indica and CBD produces a relaxing, anti-inflammatory effect along with guanábana which contains significant amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

Set for release late June, look out for this delicious new medical cannabis gummie in dispensaries.

Where can you find Tropizen’s new flavors? Call ahead and ask your favorite dispensaries if they have them in stock. If they don’t, ask them to carry them! Here is our map of dispensaries carrying Tropizen products: Find dispensaries.

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