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August 6, 2020

You have lot of options when it comes to cannabis edibles and cannabis gummies. There are lot of choices – with different CBD and THC combinations and including every weed gummy flavor.  How do you find the best cannabis edibles for your needs?

Edibles are one of the most effective cannabis delivery methods available. They are a lot of reasons they are the most popular cannabis edible. For starters, they are very convenient to use and give you longer lasting effects. But there’s much more to know about cannabis edibles.

Keep in mind that not all edibles are created equal. There are significant differences in dosage, product quality and the way they are created.

Most important of all, you want natural medicine to be just that, natural! If you are a cannabis patient it is because you are looking for a natural, safer alternative to the drugs that people are usually prescribed every day.

The Best THC Gummies

We believe in the power of natural medicine. That is why Tropizen Superfruit Gummies contain all natural ingredients such as guava, mango, passion fruit, flor de Jamaica, dragonfruit, quenepa and guanábana. (to name just a few). Punched up with super fruits and vegetables like goldenberry, hibiscus, beets, and turmeric. Combined with cannabis, these provide additional benefits.

Our unique manufacturing process relies on using fresh produce and herbs grown by local farmers, according to their seasonal availability, so you can always get a product that is fresh and full of flavor.

Lab testing ensures our edibles have consistent levels of THC and CBD.

Micro-Dosing with Gummies

Tropizen Superfruit Gummies allow you to adopt a personalized treatment approach known as micro dosing. Studies have shown the benefits of micro dosing and you can use that approach at home. You want to start off with the lowest possible dose that is effective for you, treating symptoms without overpowering psychoactive effects. It also makes it easier to discover your optimal dosing.

Our gummies can be purchased in packs of 5 or 20 gummies. Each gummy has between 5 and 10 milligrams of cannabinoids, with varying amounts of CBD and THC depending on the product. We recommend starting with one or even half of one gummy to find your optimal dosage.

Edibles Last Longer

The medicinal effects of CBD and THC in gummies can last much longer, up to 6-8 hours for instance, than those provided by other alternatives such as vaping (which acts faster but lasts 2-4 hours). This is because THC gummies are broken down in the stomach and absorbed in the intestinal tract. For this reason, they can take roughly from 30 minutes to 1 hour to generate their maximum effect. Please remember to allow enough time before ingesting more gummies and increasing your dose.

Discretion is Key

Besides dosing and packaging, cannabis gummies also offer you the benefit of convenience. Gummies can be consumed discreetly wherever you need. That makes them an important tool to support your treatment without drawing any attention.

Say no to artificial ingredients

The next time you visit your dispensary, remember to ask for all natural Tropizen Superfruit Gummies. They are available in variety packs of multiple flavors that include “Citrus Punch,” “Island Vibes” and “Tropic Fusion.” You may also purchase our popular flavors of Quenepa and Guanábana in single flavor packs.

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